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CAD/JPY (an Update)

Close the trade on CAD/JPY. The market reversed 4 pips shy from our TP. Unfortunately, we were not paying attention when this happened. Initial, y we were aiming at catching atleast +144 pips but now we will have to settle for 78 pips as the market is reversing and instead we…


Short the Pound Cad at price 1.6677 with a stop loss placed at 1.6741 and a TP placed at 1.6385. Make sure to partially close the trade and move your stop loss to break even once the price drop to 1.6603. A retest of a broken trendline, we expecting the things to be done…

USD/CAD (An update)

USD/CAD too early to brag, lol we will wait until the time is right then we will brag about this one too.   Posted 11:34 14/11/2017

EUR/NZD (An update)

We are up by 288 pips on that EUR/NZD, 104 pips left till our TP is smashed. move your stop loss to 1.6890. Nothing much to say about this one, other than that we in good money.   Posted 11:29   14/11/2017  

CAD/JPY (an Update)

Move your stop loss to break even on CAD/JPY, If you placed two entries then TP one should be hit, if you placed just one entry then partially close the trade after moving your stop loss 16:50 13/11/2017 ……………Yonela

EUR/AUD (AN update)

EUR/AUD we are Up by +124 pips since the entry. Expecting a pullback now though.  +100 pips to go till it reaches our TP, not feasible? Only time will tell.  Move your stop loss to 1.5197 if you haven’t already   Posted 16:37 13/11/2017  

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