EUR/AUD (AN update)

EUR/AUD (AN update)

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Just to balance out the sad news on our Pound trade, on the flip side. That EUR/AUD posted on the 30/10/2017 only decided to do the things that need to be done late last week. Move your stop loss to break even. It goes back to the question i often receive the most. “how long should i hold my trades for”? Then expert Yonela replies “hold the trades for as long as it hasn’t hit either your TP or your SL”. hahaha. Last words of wisdom are as follows. Do not take the trades with a high lot size because often times the market pulls back and in that process might blow your account. Only add positions if a trade is doing well, then again one should only add positions if there is a pull back. Its called maximizing profits!…………….

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