Weekly results of our traders

Weekly results of our traders

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Wow what a week it has been. This week we had 83% of traders on TDMarkets making money but that is not all. We had a girl turn a $10 account into over $200. Thats more than 2000% from a newby. Absolutely amaizing!

2017/01/26 Just to update those who follow the results: What do you have to say about $10 to $2000 because that is exactly what our latest newby has achieved. Don’t believe us, sure who can blame you. Here is the link to log into the Forex trading account of the student in question: She is actually on holiday at the moment getting some well deserved rest before she starts her new account sponsored by GFX. They (GFX) is giving a $1 million account to a beginner to trade and she is happy to do so because she has no money apart from what she is getting from trading forex. – – – –

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