Dog racing against horses at J&B Met – Historical event – First dog ever – Topdog

Dog racing against horses at J&B Met – Historical event – First dog ever – Topdog


Never, anywhere in the world, has a dog managed to qualify for any of the big horse races. The mere suggestion that it might be possible was enough to get you laughed at. But they once believed the earth to be flat too. Topdog, from TDMarkets, has proved everybody wrong when he completed the Global Racing Institute course in 1hr45mins, a full 15 minutes faster than he needed to qualify.

Organisers and sponsors at the J&B met are up in arms about this with one quoted as saying “Letting dogs race against horses? Are you mad. Dogs should not even be allowed to race, never mind race with the superior horse race. It is as absurd as letting a chimpanzee run for president” Labelled a racist, the lady was removed from the grounds of the Kenilworth Race club whee the J&B Met will take place this Saturday.

We tracked down Topdog and his owner to where training was very much in full swing. We asked about the fact that some people are unhappy because Topdog is not a traditional horse and he explained to us why it is his constitutional right under law to take part in the race if he qualifies and by doing the Global Forex Institute course in under 2 hours he has earned the right to compete.

Against all the odds and in the face of so many who oppose this, Topdog simply said that he is here to collect the pay for all his hard work. 4 years of the most intense training has turned Topdog into a machine. His trainer/owner, George, said that he totally agrees with Topdog’s views. “He earned the right to compete because he worked harder than all the other dogs put together and I think many horses are afraid of Topdog.

When given the opportunity to talk to the readers out there just once before you go and grab your destiny with both hands, what would you say?
He said “Woof woof, well Samantha, I am so glad yo asked. I learned early on that life does not owe you anything and life is not fair. We need to make our own luck, we need to grab opportunities because we never know which one will turn out to be the big one.

I learned about the qualities of winners while trading Forex, but you will not understand unless you are a winner. If I gave up when everyone told me it can’t be done or laughed at me then I was not meant for this. Winners never give up and they don’t care about the opinions of others. Winners just focus on one thing and that is winning. I am a winner and that is why I am here. In Forex trading you have winners and losers, but in racing you have only one winner and that is Mr Nelson Mandela who paved the way for me to take part by giving everyone the rights that we enjoy today. You should stop hanging out with horses and come hang with the big dog if you are a winner. Winners trade at and you can go and open an account there for free and get training for free and even get some money put into your account too, yes, for free. You pay nothing but keep all of the profits. It’s for winners man, winners man and dog. it doesn’t matter even if you are a horse, you are welcome as long as you are a winner.Winner! Winner ! Woof woof.

Now I know why they call him Topdog. This dog is fearless and I for one, vote that he should be allowed to race against horses this Saturday at the J&B Met.

If you would like to chat to Topdog or even want to race against him, then visit his home page at

Forex trading is not for everyone. If you are a borne loser then you should stay away.

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