EUR/USD and USD/CHF an outlook

EUR/USD and USD/CHF an outlook

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Looking at potentially going Long on USD/CHF and going short on EUR/USD….Negative correlation, apart from just that. Technically they are both viable trades. EUR/USD being at a strong resistance trendline on a monthly chart. About to form a potential double top formation on a daily chart. On the flip side of the coin, we have the USD/CHF which is now at the weekly level of support and about to form a potential double bottom….. So this is enough reason for one to take a trade already, however, the prblem lies in aligning the different timeframes such that one gets in at the correct time. One of the tools that one could use in both instances is “MACD divergence/Convergence” to execute the trade at the correct time………..Posted 12:28……15/Feb/2018….Yonela

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