An outlook for the week ahead

An outlook for the week ahead

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Been scanning through the charts and i see the NZD will be the focus for this week. Lots of potential setups that are still in their infancy. Easy trades though, short term trades too. The focus will be primarily on NZD/CHF, NZD/USD, perhaps NZD/JPY. The trades are meant to be short term buying trades. For now im still quiet Bullish this is of course provided that the current downward moves across the aforementioned pairs are just retracements. SHould the moves not be retracements then we shall look for selling positions as soon as confirmed. SO whatever the outcome is, it is going to be a trade irregardless. Also as stated on the previous webinar, be on the look out for the EUR/AUD. Anticipating a nice selling opportunity on that one, a potential H&S identified on the webinar last Thursday broke the neckline. So one of the pairs we might focus on as well.


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