AN UPDATE (08/May/2018)

AN UPDATE (08/May/2018)

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As anticipated, the USD/CAD broke to the top, triggering a flag pattern. Not sure if anyone took the trade already. Those who haven’t do not sweat it. Just wait for a pull back. We will seek to place an entry too. Till further !! GBP/USD is also breaking the ascending trendline once again as anticipated. Not sure if we should wait for a pullback before placing some power shorts. Once again till further notice. Waiting for a pullback is much better (Retracements may not happen). CAD/JPY  move your stop loss to break even. Maybe another selling signal may be posted on the currency pair.  XAU/USD has been the odd one out so far. GBP/NZD hasn’t moved much yet but promising. Anticipating a drop in CAD/CHF, will further confirm this. However, you may also do your own analysis on the pair and tell me what you think on the “chat” bar.


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