Buy USD/CAD 14/01/2019 (13:47)

Buy USD/CAD 14/01/2019 (13:47)

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Buy USD/CAD at price 1.32657 with a stop loss placed at 1.2875 and your TP placed at 1.4601. Please note that the price might drop lower before it rallies. Say towards level 1.2926. So, keep that in mind as is is also a possibility, hence the wide stop loss. Though if it does, we will seek to find an additional entry. The trade has a good R:R, We are also expecting a retracement should the price reach level 1.40671>>>So we can use this as an opportunity to partially close the position. The market is in the fib zone. The price is oversold. There is a clear price rejection from the weekly chart >>>>>15:17>>>>14/01/2019>>King Yonela

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