Sell EUR/USD (24/01/2019 ) 11:47

Sell EUR/USD (24/01/2019 ) 11:47

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I think its about time we sell EUR/USD. The market has broken the ascending trend line that it was using as it was consolidating. Now it looks as though it has broken to the downside as expected. It is due to this that we are expecting a fall in price among other reason. If you have more than 5 positions running as it stands now, i would not advice you to take this one. We are trying to avoid over trading, besides, it becomes a lot more complicated to monitor multiple trades on different currency pairs than it is on a select few. Sell EUR/USD at price 1.1349 with a stop loss at 1.1649 and a TP at 1.0409 >>>King Yonela>>>11:40>>>24/01/2019

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