TDMarkets trading signals

Get paid to send Forex signals from your very own signals app with your logo or follow signals and trade setups from your favorite traders.

Are you a Forex trading Signal provider or would you like to be a Forex trading signal provider? This is your solution. Your very own professional signals app complete with your company name and logo and contact details or any other information that you want to display about you or your company. You can display things like promotions or special offers that you are currently having. You can chat to your clients, but most importantly, you can send trading signals directly to their phones.

No need to use generic apps anymore. The TDMarkets white label signals app will alert users instantly whenever you send a signal.

There are 4 ways to make money with this app

1) You could charge your members whatever amount you wish for signals and you can keep 100% of the money that they pay to you.

2) You can sign up as an introducing broker with TDMarkets and earn $10 per lot traded by your members even if you are sending signals for FREE

3) You can also use this app to follow the signals provided to trade and make money if you are not yet experienced enough to trade on your own or provide signals to others.

4) You can use a combination of the above for example, You can send paid signals to your clients and get paid the monthly subscription fee that you charge them and you can get paid again from TDMarkets for every trade that your clients execute. It is called having multiple income streams. It is also called having your cake and eating it šŸ˜‰

This app is FREE. You do not pay 1 cent to TDMarkets for using this app or for branding it with your logo and you do not pay any commission if you choose to charge for your signals. There is no up selling or in-app purchases and there is no catch.

You can get your account setup or more information and support by sending an email to You will need to send your logo and company details and a user account will be created for you. You will then log into the account and be able to add or remove your clients so you control who can get your signals. If you are charging your clients for signals and one doesn’t pay, you can simply remove him and he will not be able to log into your app anymore.

It is your app and you make the rules. You control it all.

This app is sponsored by TDMarkets.

If you want to sign up as a signal provider please send an email to or speak to your IB relationship manager if you are an IB already.

If you want to sign up to the TDMarkets signals app to get trade signals and ideas to use in your trading then read the instructions below to get login details. You will need to have a live funded TDMarkets account. If you don’t have one yet, you can quickly sign up for one:CLICK HERE!

Download the Beta version of the new TD Markets App here


App FeaturesĀ 

  • Signals
  • TD Markets News
  • Forex News & Events
  • Chat room
  • Useful Links
  • Promo’s and more


You will require login details for the app. You can get these from the Institute where you learned how to trade.

Global Forex Institute members can go to and enter their details

If you are not a member of GFI then you should speak to your Forex learning institute or education provider.
They will be able to give you a username and password if they are one of our partners

If you learned to trade on your own or if your Forex learning institute is not one of our partners then you will have to complete the form below. You will need to have a TDMarkets LIVE account that you have made a deposit into. It doesn’t matter how much, but it must have some funds from you, the funds that we put in everyone’s accounts at startup does not count. You can even deposit some small amount like $5.

Please ensure that you use your TDMarkets Metatrader number that you will see on top of your MetaTrader software. Do NOT use the account number that you use to log into your trader’s cabinet.




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