DetailedStatement Lauren   DetailedStatement Lauren  This one has to be one of the best achievements by a beginner of all times. This girl knew nothing about Forex trading a month before she started this account with no money on the 6th of September 2016.


She did the GFI advanced Forex trading course on a weekend and the next week she opened a live trading account with TDMarkets. We give everyone $10 when they go live and she started trading the $10 aggressively. She withdrew $10 very soon so that her account only showed profit. Less than a month later she had grown the account to $4300.


Remember she started without putting a single cent in and under a month later she went to Australia for the holiday she could never afford. Her sister lives there. $4300 is about R60 000 so she is having a a well deserved 3 month holiday.

In an interview for TDMarkets trader of the week (a TV show starting soon) she said that her success is because of her inability to be average and the great education she got from GFI and the fair trading conditions at TDMarkets. She then went on to thank her mom and her sister and. . . . we will cut that bit from the show.

You can click on the yellow link next to the chart at the top of this page to open her account summery with all the trades that she took.

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