Tshepo Malepa

april tshepo malepa under a month   Click here to see Tshepo’s account in detail:

Huge respect for New kid on the block Tshepo Malepa. Tshepo started trading with TDMarkets without putting 1 cent of his own money in. He opened the account through one of our affiliates so instead of getting the usual $10 for FREE to start with we gave him $25.

There is not much I can say that the results will not tell you. Click on the link in yellow next to his chart and see his trades, all of his trades, see it for yourself. In short, our guy Tshepo took that FREE money from TDMarkets and made about 1000%. He has already started withdrawing profits and is probably out shopping as you read this.

What makes Tshepo worthy of mention here in the Forex All Star hall of Fame is not the fact that he made 1000% profit, cause lets face it, at TDMarkets we see that a few times every day. What makes Tshepo’s results so inspiring is the fact that he made the 1000% in less than a month and it is his first month with TDMarkets. Less than 30 days ago he opened an account even though he had no money to put in it and now he is a ROCKSTAR Trader.

Tshepo Malepa, we salute you sir. It is guys like you that bring hope to thousands or even millions of aspiring Forex traders out there. Today you made a nation proud. Woof WOOF!!

You can see all of Tshepo’s trading skills in action, trade by trade in full detail by clicking the graph or yellow link next to the graph, at the top of this page. In the right sidebar you can also click on the names of other Forex traders who have recently made us proud. Every single one of them is new to trading. We do not post results of our Pro traders here because it can be misleading to beginners.

Have you got what it takes to be the next Tshepo? There is only one way to tell, open an account and let us fund it for you and see what you have got.

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